API Solutions

Integrate and customize your front end trading platforms with our market-leading pricing and execution technologies.

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Transaction API

  • Build custom transaction procedures
  • Consolidate transactions into existing applications and front-end
  • Transaction software for developers
  • Trading stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange, bonds and funds in 150 markets in 33 countries.

* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Suitable for:

  • Personal
  • Hedge fund
  • Proprietary trading company
  • Introducing brokers
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Third-party software developers

Client API

Apply our cutting-edge REST API to trade, monitor and manage your AWEX account. The client API supports simple integration, which allows you to access account and sub-account data, as well as FYI messages, and so on.

Main features:

  • Industry-standard RESTful API
  • Connect through the industry-standard OAuth or our self-developed headless gateway
  • Can place orders, view transactions and positions, and access account data
  • Order and profit/loss support network socket data flow
  • Available through leased lines, cross-connect and Internet



The AWEX industry-standard FIX connection can be used by institutions with advanced technical resources to build trading systems, use our high-speed order transmission and extensive market depth data.

Main features:

  • Industry standard solutions
  • Direct access to AWEX trading system
  • No market data and account data
  • It can be provided through Internet, extranet, VPN, special line or cross connection